Un regalo para Kushbu: Historias que cruzan fronteras is a graphic novel in Spanish that tells the stories of nine people who came to Barcelona in search of a better life.  Fleeing situations of misery, war, and persecution in Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Niger, Nigeria, Nepal, Morocco, Uzbekistan and Senegal, each arrived in Europe only to be faced with difficult and discriminatory work and residency laws.

With a script by Gabi Martínez and the work of ten of Spain’s best comic book artists – Tyto Alba, Cristina Bueno, Miguel Gallardo, Martín López Lam, Andrea Lucio, Susanna Martín, Marcos Prior, Sonia Pulido, Manu Ripoll and Sagar – it narrates each person’s journey, emphasising support they found in Barcelona which was key to either legalising their situation, or helping to lay that path.

Un regalo para Kushbu: Historias que cruzan fronteras is produced by Al-liquindoi and the Mescladís Foundation and published the Barcelona City Council and Astiberri Ediciones. Royalties from the sales of this comic book go to Mescladís and their programming.

The graphic novel gives continuity to the public art project Diálogos Invisibles, conceived in Barcelona by the photographer Joan Tomás and Mescladís in 2015, commissioned by Jessica Murray as part of the Barcelona Documentary Photography Festival ​​DOCfield.

Diálogos Invisibles. A public art project with Joan Tomás and Mescladis. Barcelona 2015.